Horton Hears a Vue - An Ecosystem OverVue

May 17, 2019 at 07:00 PM

In this presentation, we’ll cover an introduction the Vue and it’s surrounding ecosystem. This will include Vuex, the official Flux-inspired datastore for Vue, Vue’s routing support, Vue CLI, and more! We’ll be diving into how Vue functions, how it differs from other frameworks, and the similarities as well.


Corbin Crutchley - Render Tier Software Engineer at Hilton

About the Speaker

Corbin is a fairly strange but fun person to talk to. You’ll often find him chatting about smartphones, JavaScript proposals, or his favorite soft drink. Has worked with many different front-end frameworks but never shys away from back-end code either.



1005 East Pescadero Ave, Suite 167, Tracy, CA 95376

Parking and Basic Information

The venue is within Northgate Village and there will be plenty of no-cost parking. The doors to the building automatically lock at a certain time, but make sure you knock and someone will let you in.

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