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State Management with React Hooks

March 13, 2020 at 07:00 PM

Managing state for UI components in React until now has required a dependency on libraries like Redux. But for simple UI level state management React has introduced Hooks into React core.

Understand the basics of using state, side-effects and the Context API using React’s three basic Hooks (useState, useEffect and useContext).

30 minute or less talk on Basic State Management and news on React Hooks and how this makes state management more approachable in React JS.


Eric Bishard - Developer Advocate at Couchbase

About the Speaker

Developer Advocate for the JavaScript and Node JS community at Couchbase, working to help other developers discover and work with JavaScript, React, Node and NoSQL.



1005 East Pescadero Ave, Suite 167, Tracy, CA 95376

Parking and Basic Information

The venue is within Northgate Village and there will be plenty of no-cost parking. The doors to the building automatically lock at a certain time, but if you can’t get in, make sure you knock and someone will let you in.

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